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About Kellsons

Kellsons was incorporated on March, 1944. We are retailers of  clothing and accessories made of Cashmere and High grade wool. We ventured  into online retailing in Sept 1999 and have been successful in providing premium quality merchandise to our customers at reasonable prices. 

What is Pashmina ?

Pashmina is the finest cashmere wool combed from the underbelly of goat Capra Hircus from the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Mongolia, Kashmir and Central Asia. 

How is Pashmina made ?

The Pashmina Wool is too delicate and it is about 14 to 16 microns thin because of which it cannot be spun by machines. A skilled professional spins the pashmina fibre with hand and he hardly spins about twenty grams of pashmina a day. It take about 15 days of man effort to spun pashmina to make one pashmina shawl This spun pashmina is then hand weaved with the help of a loom to make it a Pashmina Shawl. This Shawl is cleaned and hand dyed to the specific color required with the help of natural dyes. At the end the fringes are hand twisted and knotted to give the pashmina an elegant great finish. Quality assurance is conducted and only approved Pashminas are shipped for delivery. Overall it takes about 200 hours to make a Pashmina shawl.

How is Shamina made ?

An innovation by kellsons  in pashmina known as "Shamina" refers to a type of shawls made from 13 micron fine Cashmere wool. Shamina shawls are hand spun, woven on handlooms. This unique fabric is manufactured completely by hand process, starting from gathering of Cashmere to spinning and then processing it on Handlooms. This natural Cashmere is 100% organic Pashmina without chemicals. This shawl is the finest Cashmere with shades of natural yarn of Cashmere distinguished with different color of stripes.1/2 inch self fringes. Our first launch of shaminas was in  2001  on our online stores. Our internet archives may show up the  then startup promotions. Kellsons is  still in progress of innovating the qualities and Cashmere.

Products Shamina accessories are available in "stole" (28" x 80") to full sized shawl (36" x 80"). Shamina as originally innovation in pashmina resembles the designs of shahtoosh.

A traditional shaminas shawl with can range in cost from $150 for an ultra plain shamina or up to $299 for a super high-quality pure shamina 1/1 weave shawl of 13.0 to 13.5 Micron. They are known for their softness and warmth. A craze for shamina since 2001 has resulted in high demand for these shawls worldwide. One can easily smell the chemicals once it is close to the skin. The simple difference of both is easily known to every textile designer as power looms provide approximately six to eight shawls in a day and handloom can only make one shawl in 12 days. It is also observed that Cashmere yarn used is machine spun for such shawls on power looms as 13 micron is not possible to run on such machine due to its fragile nature. A handloom weaver easily weaves the shamina without compromising on quality of shawl. It is popularly made in small diamond and large diamond weave, Herringbone weave and multiple color embroideries. One can differentiate the commercial aspect by putting it towards light and observe a symmetric weave without any flaw. The purest shamina, which is made on handloom does, not have a consistent weave and may have flaws which are character of fabric.

Sufiyaan Luxurious Pashminas?

The Sufiyaan name comes from the family of Persian weavers in Kashmir who have bought this unique procedure of making this shawls centuries ago. It is a dedication to their  efforts and patience  that there creation of this fabric is known as Sufiyaan.

organic cashmere from the neck of the baby goat and processed exactly as Shahtoosh without  twisting of yarn  on warp and straight single on weave. It is made in 100% cashmere with purity of 11.70  to 12.30 Micron Cashmere. These  are made as double ply Taffetas shawls. You may order the natural color to enjoy the feel ,color and those small white textured yarn mixed with natural fabric like Shahtoosh. The fabric is woven much tighter then Shamina and the cashmere in Sufiyaan weighs more slightly. This is thicker and softer as well and wont leave you feeling cold in winter also. There is no visible difference in Look, texture and feel of  Sufiyaan  with Shahtoosh.

Sufiyaan costs in the amount ranging from $450 to $750. Kellsons a direct manufacturer & retailer of Pashmina from Kashmir (India) passes all the  discounts of middle men directly to end consumer without  any compromises in quality of Cashmere. Our Quality and services have been our pride in keeping up ourselves  since last 11 years online successfully catering more then  3 million orders worldwide and still counting.

What type of Pashmina should I buy ?

100% Pashmina are the softest and the delicate of all. To give shine and luster to the wraps Pashmina is also mixed with natural silk. Manufacturers make the called Silk Pashmina with various combinations of Pashmina & Silk. We deal with following combinations are normally available,
100% Pashmina
75% Pashmina, 25% Silk
You should choose the type of Pashmina as per your needs. People in the 20 - 45 age group prefer to wear Silk Pashmina as it shines a bit and provides glamour and is more durable. People above age 45 and people who love elegance prefer pure Pashmina.

What sizes are available and which one should I buy ?

We have the following sizes
Scarfs - 12"x60" and 18"x65"
Shawls (Wraps) - 27"x72", 28"x80" and 36"x80"
12"x60" is the normal scarf size but some people prefer 18"x65" as it has more room and it help in protecting the neck much better.
In case of Shawls or the Wraps, We would suggest you to buy the sizes depending upon the need and body size.
Small Wrap - 27" x 72"
Half Wrap - 28" x 80"
Full Wrap - 36" x 80"
So we suggest you to choose according to your size and needs.

How much does it cost ?

It takes more than 200 man hours and pashmina from about 4 Capra Hircus goats to make one pure Pashmina Wrap and so they cost a good amount of money. Boutiques and Showrooms in USA demand a huge price for Pashmina that too for one with less Pashmina contents in the amount ranging from $250 to $450. Kellsons a direct exporter of Pashmina from Kashmir (India) and Nepal offers the Pashmina Loving people at very affordable price ranging from $65 - $225.

Which credit cards does Kellsons Pashmina accept ?

Kellsons Pashmina accepts

credit card accept 
This includes all card types which are derivatives of those brands.  Some examples are:  Visa check cards and debit cards, MasterCard "Master Money", Euro Card, etc.Your Card Card Statement will reflect the charge  either by Kellsons.drccnow.

We accept Money Orders, Wire transfers and cheques as well. Subject to realization.

Is there any Sales Tax on my orders ?

Only North Carolina residents have to pay 6% sales tax. Other customers from USA and other countries do not have to pay any sales tax.

Why does not Kellsons give huge discounts like other online Pashmina stores?

We at Kellsons do not believe in inflating the prices and then giving huge discounts. We do not like to play with the minds of our customers. We strive to bring the best premium quality goods straight from our manufacturing units to the client thus eliminating all the middle layers.

As a returning customer you  are entitled to receive 5% cash back when you submit your previous order number in special instructions.

What is Kellsons's Shipping Policy ?

Shipping charges are as follows -
USA: Standard shipping is free to all customers across the world. We charge $8.00 for Next day shipping(3rd day delivery Insured) 
Canada & All the other countries including Islands. 1 item - $13.99 and $1.00 to $ 2.00 extra for each additional item to a maximum shipping charge of $39.99.
We normally ship our pashmina through UPS, FEDEX, DHL or USPS Priority mail.

What is Kellsons's Exchange Policy?

The item may be returned for an  exchange within 7 days of receipt. The Customer would be charged Shipping & Handling fees of $19.99/Pcs  for the exchang Before sending out the item kindly, email at about the item which you would like to have for exchange.

What is Kellsons's Return Policy ?

Kellsons offers 100% Customer Satisfaction on all its products. The Products should be returned within 15 days of receipt for Credit. Shipping and handling charges are non refundable in all cases (In Case of Free shipping & handling Orders, a minimum return fee of $19.99/unit is applicable on all returns/exchanges). Returns without Return Ticket number and return  received after 31  days would be charged 35% of restocking fees. Returns after 40 days would not be accepted. All merchandise should be in unworn condition and should be shipped back by USPS Priority or Express mail only. Before returning  please write to and get a confirmation. Kindly, insure your return; we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. The credit card will be credited back once the item is received and is verified by our sales staff.

How to cancel my order ?

We request you to cancel all your orders within 2 hours of you placing it. To cancel an order please write to sales@kellsons.comand please specify your Order #, Name, Address and Email address and we will cancel your order. Please do not wait till you get the product to cancel your order or request for a refund as that would save us as well as you lots of time and money.

How to contact us ?
The way to contact is to write an email to and we will respond to you within 24 hours. You may  call us on our 24 hour Toll free number also.


What is Kellsons's Privacy & Security policy ?
We DO NOT RELEASE and sell any information about you to any agencies/companies.

To guard against credit card fraud, we offer secure online ordering using the latest SSL encryption technology like Trust Guard and Geo Trust. The connection between your browser and our servers is encrypted with industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which scrambles ordering information so that only your browser and our servers can decipher it. To use this option you must have a browser that supports SSL.