Kellsons was incorporated on March 01, 1944. Kellsons is the largest retailers of  clothing and accessories made of Cashmere (Pashmina 12.8 micron), and ventured  into online retailing in 1999. We have been successful in providing premium quality merchandise to our customers at reasonable prices. Kellsons has been serving since 69 years in respect to retailing of Pashmina.

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Kellsons has been ranked amongst the top pashmina selling e-commerce website since 1999, with millions of satisfied customers across the world. Kellsons "Pashmina" comes from the legendary valley of Kashmir which is surrounded with the great Himalayas, it is the most luxurious Cashmere known to man. Using a special comb, this rare wool is gathered by hand from the neck and underside belly of the Himalayan Goat "Capra Hiracus". At Kellsons.com, Pashmina is available in a variety of designs, embroideries, styles, and colors, in precise, kellsons.com is one-stop-store of Pashmina. We ship all over the world and have huge international customer base because our international shipping is so inexpensive compared to other online shops!

We are only a click away! If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to write to us. We love hearing from our customers! Happy shopping!