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Suede Pashmina Shawls

Quality: 75% Pashmina, 25% Silk, 100% Goat Suede; Handloom woven.

Suede Pashmina shawl is a natural Goat Suede Shawl, embroidered and backed with Pashmina. These Shawls have 5" to 7" long Suede fringe. These Shawls are available in three colors: Mocha & Champagne, Poppy Red , and Leather Brown. Own your one today before they are gone. Limited quantities available

Suede Pashmina Embroidered Shawl
Suede shawl backed with pashmina
Size: 24" x 72"; Price: US $599.00
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Suede red scarf, design:
Suede scarf backed with Pashmina
Size: 12" x 60"; Price: US $149.00
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Suede brown shawl, design:
Pashmina with Suede border.
Size:28" x 80"; Price: US $109.99
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